Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Charlene Brown, Transgender Activist: A Short Bio.

Charlene grew up in a small town in the midwest.  She never wanted for much of anything.  She never worried when her next meal would come, never had to scramble to find somewhere to sleep and had no fears about walking her dog no matter the time of day or night.

Having so many things handed to her, Charlene came to expect everything to be handed to her.  Using the tried and true trans method, she would just wish for it to happen and get incredibly depressed when her wishes weren't granted.  

"Why is everybody always pickin' on me?" was a frequent complaint.  She felt she was beset by negative comments from everyone around her and often victimized.  Because nobody should have to deal with such terrible circumstances, she knew it was the fault of others.  

Her best friend was Cathy van Pelt.  Cathy was a very smart budding feminist and always did her best to help Charlene with her problems.  When Charlene first came out as a girl, Cathy took her in hand and guided her in the proper way women should behave.  

The first major step that Cathy helped Charlene through was GRS.  "A woman cannot have a penis, so you should have yours cut off."  Charlene did so obediently and also granted her strange request:  to give Cathy one of the testicles that was removed.

"If you want to be a real woman, you must be able to kick the ball," Cathy would encourage, "If you can kick it, you will be given equal opportunities, protections, treatment, and quality of life with respect to circumstances." She would hold the ball near the ground and pull it away just as Charlene was about to kick it.  "Better luck next time!" Cathy would say.  She new that Charlene wasn't ready yet to be a real woman.

To illustrate the level of dedication Cathy gave to molding young Charlene into a model woman, here's a small anecdote:  

At school, both Cathy and Charlene had to use the restroom at the same time.  Charlene was following Cathy into the girl's room when Cathy turned around and ordered, "Stop!  You don't belong in here.  Use the boy's room."

"But I'm a girl.  I had the surgery just like you said I needed to," Charlene whined.

"That doesn't matter.  You used to have a penis and penis equals rape.  There is no way you can ever use the woman's room."

"But Pig-Pen just went into the boy's room and he's been giving me creepy looks and telling me all of the things he wants to do to me.  A few days ago he grabbed my butt.  I'm scared," Charlene sniveled.

"It's not like you can get pregnant.  A real woman's reproductive rights are sacred.  Nothing should ever compromise or threaten to compromise that.  Rape is a terrible, debilitating thing," Cathy logically instructed.

"Yes, you're probably right.  I'm sorry I'm such an idiot.  Thank you for helping me," Charlene replied with proper gratitude.

Charlene also had a little sister named Sally who worried about her all of the time.  Sally had very misguided views on what it took to be female.  She would often tell her big sister to take control of her own life, to be her own woman, not someone else's idea of what a woman is.  Charlene's convictions were strong enough to resist this temptation as she would answer, "Always blaming me for everything!"

As time passed and technology improved, Charlene found that there were many other girls like her out in the world.  The most useful tool was the internet and social networking sites.  Charlene would send requests of friendship to any transgender girl she happened across in her world-wide web wanderings.  When she found girls who posted ill-conceived and -considered notions like her sister Sally had, Charlene would comment on them and try to teach them the right and true way to be a woman.

These fetishistic 'girls' often replied that it doesn't take a vagina to be a woman, it's what's in your brain. Charlene showed the depth of Cathy's teaching by telling these 'girls' how wrong they were, how stupid it is to believe something like that.  The 'girls' would resist being properly educated and ask for further explanation as to why it was so wrong to believe as they did.  "Only babies would believe something so stupid," Charlene would then get angry and block such a wrong-headed imbecile who could never be saved.

Charlene's strength, critical thinking skills and character make her a role model to all right-thinking transgender women everywhere.  If you wish to succeed in this world as a transgender woman, you should emulate this soon-to-be woman (when Cathy deems that she's earned it).

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